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OMCARB C40 Conductive Line Is a high clean carbon black with low content of sulfur, ash and grit, which allows to achieve excellent dispersion, smoothness of compound’s surface and necessary conductive properties. OMCARB™ C40 is suitable for insulation shield in medium voltage power cables, providing it with improved life expectancy. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB C140 Conductive Line Can be used as a conductive additive and as a rubber reinforcing filler. Good electrical conductivity is achieved due to high structure and developed specific surface area that is much higher as compared to standard reinforcing grades. OMCARB™ C140 imparts conductive properties to rubber, plastics and synthetic fibers. It is used in the production of power cables/wire jacketing, conveyor belts, driving belts, antistatic floor coverings in medical establishments. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB CH85 Conductive Line NEU! Einsatzgebiet folgt. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB CH200 Conductive Line Is designed for better processability with high level of conductivity. Types CH200 - CHS230 Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB CH210 Conductive Line Demonstrates high level of electrical conductivity at low loading levels. Is the new generation of highly conductive furnace grades, characterized by developed structure, allowing to reduce loading of conventional carbon black grades with simultaneous conductivity increasing of compounds. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB CH600 Conductive Line NEU! Einsatzgebiet folgt. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB H80 Special Tyre Line Differs from commodity carbon black grades by moderately developed surface area in conjunction with high level of structure. This grade imparts to the rubber compounds high wear resistance, as carbon black N100 and N200-series, and low heating up with deformation, which can be achieved with the N330. OMCARB™ H80 and OMCARB™ H100 are ideally suited for the production of treads (for retreading) of high-quality single trailer tires. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB H100 Special Tyre Line Is characterized by developed structure, designed for better dispersability of carbon black in rubber compounds and maximum level of surface area among N300-series. High structure of OMCARB™ H100 allows increasing the dosage of carbon black to rubber compound within limits of extruded stream volumes. High level of surface area increases the wear resistance of the final product. OMCARB™ H80 and OMCARB™ H100 are ideally suited for the production of treads (for retreading) of high-quality single trailer tires. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB P110 Pigment Line Is a cost-efficient general purpose high structure pigment carbon black. Compared with other regular color pigment blacks it has better jetness with good dispersibility. OMCARB™ P110 is suitable for printing inks and variety of liquid inks. It provides high color intensity with excellent dispersibility in water-based flexographic inks. The product is used in decorative/industrial coverings, powder coatings, bonding agents, sealants, general purpose molding, agricultural film and coarse staple fiber. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB P140 Pigment Line Is designed for various plastic products, including plastic color concentrates. High surface area and structure allows achieving excellent UV absorption. The product is characterized by high chemical and physical purity. OMCARB™ P140 is suitable for using in the production of wires, power and TV cables, coatings, agricultural films and various fibers. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB S500 High-Purity Line (MRG) Are high purity carbon black grades, specially designed for MRG. This products combine the highest degree of reinforcement, which is achieved due to high structure of the products, and exceptional purity, providing the final products with smooth surface. This grades have low grit content that makes it possible to produce high quality extruded profiles with very low surface undispersed particles (macrodefects). OMCARB™ S500 and OMCARB™ S500A are suitable for automotive extruded profiles, window profiles, seals and hydraulic hoses as well as for construction materials such as single-layer roofing and molded plastic profiles. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB S500A High-Purity Line (MRG) Siehe OMCARB S500. Siehe OMCARB S500 Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB S800 High-Purity Line (MRG) Is a purity carbon black with higher dispersion level as compared to standard carbon black grades. OMCARB™ S800 demonstrates excellent dispersion in compounds, high resistivity preventing rubber compounds from premature electrochemical destruction. It imparts high resilience and surface smoothness for rubber goods. OMCARB™ S800 is suitable for low viscosity porous rubber profiles, recommended for using in the production of radiator hoses to prevent electrochemical destruction, in engine suspension and driving belts where low hysteresis is required. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB S810 High-Purity Line (MRG) Beschreibung folgt. Einsatzgebiet folgt. Datenblatt anfordern
OMCARB S820 High-Purity Line (MRG) NEU!! Einsatzgebiet folgt. Datenblatt anfordern